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Giving gifts is how we celebrate, express graitude or affection and mark special occassions such as Christmas or birthdays.  Gift giving isn't limited, sometimes the best gifts are those given spontaneously "just because".  To make giving a gift to Camp Homewood simple (and a little bit fun!) we’ve put together a gift catalogue of items you may wish to purchase to partner with us in the exciting work we are doing to build God's kingdom.  Camp Homewood depends on the generous gifts of thoughtful donors to serve our guests and build our future.  Thanks for helping us change lives!

Gifts for campers

Send a Kid to Camp! - $100

Remember the excited chatter that happens after a week of camp?  Some parents are eager for their children to have stories of their own, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they just can't afford it.  It is our hope that every child who wants to experience a week of camp this year will be able to join in the fun!  Your gift can make it happen!



 Gifts For Volunteers

Homewood runs on volunteers!  Each year, 40-50 young adults volunteer to serve as directors, tent leaders, activity leaders, lifeguards, nurses, wranglers, and kitchen help. They make summer camp happen!  Their energy care and commitment makes a week of Homewood memorable and fun.  There are 2 ways to give to invest in these incredible young adults:

Sponsor a Summer Camp Counsellor - $50

This summer we will award almost $24,000 in "toothpaste money" to our summer volunteers!  A first year volunteer recieves $50 per week in recognition of their hard work.  Why not sponsor a camp counsellor for a week or two this summer?  Just imagine how bright their smile will be when they recieve your gift!



 Counsellor Scholarship

Counsellor Scholarship Fund (Bursary Fund) - $100

We could not accomplish our mission without our volunteer summer staff.  Many of our volunteers are college students who have decided to serve God by devoting their entire summer to ministry.  They are trusting God to provide for their needs for tuition and living expenses next fall.  The Bursary Fund allows you to give a gift to a student who has given generously of their time and energy to impact the next generation.  Our goal for 2017 is $15,000 (10 awards of $1,500). 


Camp Homewood Staff Gifts

Each of our full-time staff families serve as 'missionaries'.  Please help us honour them over the long-haul as they serve camp year round.  Camp provides a base salary of $550 per month- the balance of their support comes from generous people like you.

One time donation
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Camp Homewood Programs


This donation will go towards all the great things that go on to make Camp Homewood such a fun place to be!  Whether it be for new volleyballs, craft supplies or maybe pellets or bows for the ranges.  Whatever it is, you can know that your money will go to great use and be enjoyed by all who come.

One time donation

waterfront equipment sponsorship


Waterfront Equipment - $100

Imagine yourself on the water in a beautiful new kayak or maybe on a brand new tube behind the boat or maybe a brand new boat all together!  Your gift could make this happen!  (And then you need to make sure you come to camp to test it out!)

ranch donations

Ranch Donation - $200

Ranch camp and trail rides has always been a special part of Homewood.  Your ranch donation will go towards maintenance and care of our Homewood horses, such as hay and overall health needs, as well as our tack and barn needs.



Sailing Program Sponsorship

Sailing needs- $25

The sky is blue, the gentle breeze is blowing, and the only sound you hear is the water rippling as the wind pushes against the sail.  Porpoises swim in the wake, and if you're lucky, you might just spot a pod of Orca's!  Many adults and kids love to participate in this unique ocean experience.  Each year there is much behind the scenes action happens before boats set sail.  This gift will help with the ongoing costs of boats and equipment maintenance and repairs.


Donations For Projects

Gift for Projects - $50

Funding projects so camp looks fresh and everything works like new is a top priority. Our maintenance men and our volunteers need materials and supplies to get the job done!  Our current projects include a studs out renovations of the main floor of the Guest House ($25,000) and new shop space in the Bus Barn ($40,000).  The Guest House was built in the late 50's and lacks a few items now considered standard (like insulation and double glazed windows!).  This is much more than cosmetic!



General Fund Donations

Camp Homewood's General Fund - ($ You Choose!)

Want to simply give a gift the easiest and quickest way possible?  Then this package is for you.  Choose any dollar amount you want, and it will head right to Camp Homewood’s general fund.  Bing. Bang. Boom!  You’re done and a tax deductible receipt will head your way at the end of the financial year.  We will use it "where needed most".


Ways to Give:

  • Send a cheque to Homewood or setup pre-authorized monthly payments by atomatic debit.  Your tax receipt will be sent out at the end of the year.

Camp Homewood
Box 40
Heriot Bay BC,
Canada V0P 1H0

  • Give online via our CanadaHelps (they will email your tax receipt immediately):
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  • Donate via Paypal Donate below (Homewood will issue your tax receipt to you at the end of the year):

For more information on how you can support Camp Homewood, please contact our office at or call (250) 285-3483.

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