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December 9th, 2016


Come one, Come all!

Tired of singing Christmas music all alone at home? Come join us and we can sing together!

December 16th @ 7pm Camp Homewood will be hosting it's annual Carol Sing evening! 

A night to sing Christmas carols as a group, as well as enjoy different local musicians who will be performing some of their favorite Christmas music as well.

Refreshments to follow(cause what's Christmas without chocolate and cookies and apple cider??)


April 11th, 2016

Baynes House/Branchflower House/ Founders’ Cottage Restoration Update

Imagine how a bride might have felt to move into a cozy cottage overlooking the sea. She must have felt such excitement as she moved the furniture and clipped flowers from the garden to arrange in a vase which she had received as a matrimonial gift. The joy she must have felt unpacking her wedding gifts from the trunk in which they had been packed before she left on the Kettle Valley overnight train for a journey from the Prairies to the coast... 22 years before!

In 1967 Margaret Bayne moved into her cozy home, the home in which she lived until her death at age 96 in 2013. She and Alf had lived first aboard the small mission boat GOFORTH” and had traveled the 7000 mile BC coast line serving with Pacific Coast Childrens Mission. The couple had lived for over 2 decades in a series of interesting and often cramped circumstances, even sharing quarters with the Camp Homewood office for many years in the Homestead.

From the earliest days Camp Homewood had a number of wonderful and helpful neighbours, including Norman and Jean Branchflower who held a property just to the west of Homewood. When they were quite elderly they offered the property for sale to the ministry, and it was bought in 1967. The house was one of the few at the time which had been built in place, and not brought in by barge and moved!

Margaret and Alfs home was always welcoming. Alf had rigged up a number of ingenious inventions, such as the trick of the pulley attached to the door so that the light would come on outside when the door was opened, and the pulley system to pull his Triyak” up the hill from the water. He had built the fireplace from hand, in a manner which came up and around the woodstove such that the heat was reflected into the living room. It was incredibly efficient, keeping the temperature in the room somewhere between cozy and sweltering.

Many have had the privilege of having meals cooked by Margaret. One of my precious memories is the experience of sitting with them at the small breakfast table, eating hot oatmeal and listening as they prayed their way through their daily prayer list. This list was always lengthy and was taken up at lunch if it was not completed at breakfast.

After Alfs retirement from the General Director role in 1981, Margaret continued to be an active hostess. For 30 years she made a special time during every family camp to host the ladies” for tea at her home. If the weather was fine, tea might be served in the front garden, or in the secret area inside the cedar tree. I know that the memories of these times are treasured by many long time campers and friends. Margaret was a woman of great faith and graciously shared her favorite verses and Bible teachings.

Margaret and Alf had a tall lamp that sat in the living room. This had a red lampshade, which over time faded to pink. I recall being able to see the red glow of the lit lamp shining through the front window of their home as we made our way by boat through Gowlland Harbour in the dark for Tuesday night dinner and Bible study. It was truly a red beacon to navigate by, but one with the promise of homemade marshmallows once we arrived safe at our destination.

Alf had a large stereo system set up in the dining area. More than once I recall feeling the entire house shake as he showed off its power. He was an outdoorsman certainly, but he also spent a great deal of time in the upstairs office room. I recall watching early clips of the Homewood film that he was editing there, and later in life I recall him sitting at the computer in front of the window corresponding by email. You can imagine my surprise when, as a university student in the mid-90s, I connected to the internet” and found that Alf (then in his late 70s) had beat me to cyberspace!


In the fall after Margarets death Alf moved to a new home in Comox, and the careful task of cleaning out the house and rehoming treasures began. The home without its occupants had the appearance of a tired empty shell, and the decision regarding how to have the building best serve the ministry was difficult. This discussion was robust and at times lively, and in the end it was decided that a restoration with the intent to preserve the heritage feel and to make the house a home once more would be undertaken.

This winter, between November and February, the Camp Homewood maintenance team of Daryl Ward and Joel Loeve, with interior design by Shauna Ward (helped in no small part by Haven Ullstrom) undertook the project. There was wiring to update, and a few small structural changes made in order to gain efficiencies. The elements of the house that are reflective of its era were retained.

The team was able to accomplish the restoration on a very frugal budget that even Margaret would have approved of. There is still work to be done to restore the outside and to rebuild the deck (many of you will remember that there is a door that leads to nowhere!) We are confident that the Lord will provide the funds to accomplish the work in His time. If you are able to give a donation to help with the project please go to , or contact the camp office at 250-285-3483 or

It is a privilege to reveal the before pictures and the changes on our facebook page

 You can also send along your accounts of time spent in this home and at Homewood; we would love to hear from you. Even better, plan to visit the camp in the coming months! We would be pleased to welcome you. Registration is open for weekend and summer camps, or plan to come to the golf tournament on May 21st or the Community Open House on June 18th. I can almost hear Margaret “Matey” reciting Ephesians 3:20; “Now to HIM who is able to do exceedingly abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory...










December 22nd, 2015

  • "I attended Camp Homewood as a Harbour
  • camper when I was 9 years old.  The next three summers I returned as a Woodsman camper and loved every part!! I became a Christian at Woodsman up at Chapel in the sky, when I was 12 years old.  Becoming a Christian at camp was a result of the amazing counsellors I had during my time as a camper.  I remember thinking that it was super cool that these "cool guys" wanted to hang out with kids for a week at a time.  At 12 years old I made the decision that I would return to camp as a counsellor one day!
  •                CIT_98_Vikings_0.jpg             When I was 15, I came back to camp as a CIT for two summers and after a couple years off, I spent two summers and a winter as a counsellor and the Head Wrangler.


 My time at camp was the best thing I ever could have done.  I have created lifelong friendships with many people there and met my wife, Nicole, there as well! God has done amazing things in my life through Camp Homewood and I couldn't be more grateful.  Living in Alberta makes it hard to get back to camp, but every time I turn left at the Homewood sign and cross the cattleguard, I feel the sense of "Home".


December 16th, 2015


December 14, 2015

Dear Friends of Homewood,

It is my privilege to announce the appointment of Paul Bailey to the role of General Director of Camp Homewood.


Paul has been involved in camp every summer since he was 7 years old, and has worked in camping continuously for the past 21 years.  He is well known in camping ministry circles in BC and beyond.   Paul has been on staff at five camps in the province including the Malibu Club, Ness Lake Bible Camp, and most recently RockRidge Canyon near Princeton.  He has also served on the boards of both the BC Camping Association and the Fellowship of Christian Camps.  Paul is passionate about camp:  "I can't think of a more effective form of outreach and discipleship for young people."

Paul has spent the past 5 years as VP of Camping for Young Life of Canada at RockRidge Canyon.  He will be transitioning from that role to join Camp Homewood on March 1, 2016.  Paul and his wife Heather have 3 grown children.

As a board, we are thankful for the evidence of God's gracious leading through this season of change, and we look forward to introducing you to Paul and Heather in person this coming spring and summer.  Please keep them in your prayers as they wrap things up at RockRidge, prepare to move their household, and especially as they begin their ministry at Homewood in the New Year.  


Jennifer Kask

PCCM Board Chair




December 13th, 2015


"I(Steve Mowers)was introduced to Camp Homewood by my good friend and former work colleague Tom, as a camper in the adult sailing program of 2009. Thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere, the setting (we’re prairie folk) and the sailing, I became a recurring sailor through 2013. In spring of the next year, I decided I could continue this experience and give something back by becoming
a qualified skipper thanks to Ben H. and volunteering my time, especially as retirement was just around the corner.


My family actually enjoys power boating in the summers with water skiing & tubing. When I had so much fun sailing, some of the folks asked if I was planning to trade one for the other.

I had to inform them that as a musician, it was more like including a new instrument into the repertoire!

During Homewood’s 70th celebration year, my wife had discovered making
Christmas ornaments with scrabble letters hence, the two you now have, spelling ‘Homewood’
and ‘sailing’.


It’s been an amazing experience I am truly thankful for, and looking forward to the next season."

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